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Matters of Communication

Clemens Winkler || Lecture: Per-Forming Clouds || Konferenz Matters of Communication, Panel Object and Interaction || 17.11.2018

Karmen Franinović || Lecture: The Joy of not Knowing : With Active Materials || 27.11.2018

Infotage 2018: Design

Matters of Communication

Verena Ziegler || Lecture: Pop-Up || Konferenz Matters of Communication, Panel Object and Interaction || 17.11.2018

Women in Business: Karmen Franinović unter den Top 100

Pop-Up-Workshop-Reihe - wie wollen wir in der Zukunft wohnen?

Digital Shapers 2018: Karmen Franinović and Max Rheiner

Infotag Master Design || 04.10.2018

ZHdK Highlights 2018

Antonio Scarponi: Impact through design || 27.06.2017, Cabaret Voltaire || Open talk

Diplomausstellung 2018 Design

Photo by Saadia Hussain

Lecture || Lalya Gaye: Somewhere in-between / physical and digital / an alternative || 04.05.18

come closer || 05.05./06.05.2018

UXCamp Switzerland 2018 || 04.05./05.05.2018

ZHdK Sommeratelier 2018: Interaction Design-Workshop «Eine stürmische Angelegenheit»

Karmen Franinović: Enactive Environments: materials, experiences, values || Lecture Kunstuniversität Linz

17.04.2018 || 11.00h

Florian Wille || Talk: Designing for Humans – Methods of Human Centred Design || 28.03.2018

MA Sound Design: ab Herbstsemester 2018

For Interaction by Interaction with David Jenny || Talk 15.03.2018

"Extinction / I'm still here" Interaction in a transdisciplinary dance performance

Lecture || Jo Kazuhiro: A Building of Structures that Produce Sound After Post-digital Tendencies || 16.03.18

MAD CHIT CHAT || 21.02.2018

PUNKT. || 22. - 24.02.2018

World Information Architecture Day 2018

Design with social impact - Symposium 16.02.2018

Portfolio Preview 2018

Encoding Design

BA diploma project LUCE @Grafik 17

Tag der Forschung 2017

Infotage 2017: Design

Through Momentum

Intersections Conference. Verena Ziegler on «InBetween: material encounters in human/non-human interactions»

© Noam Toran

Lecture Noam Toran: Monsters, Anarchists and Indians

Informationsveranstaltung Master Design — Studienbeginn Februar 2018

© Museum für Gestaltung

Interaction Design @Museum für Gestaltung: Design Studio: Processes

ZHdK Highlights with contributions from Interaction Design

Digital Shapers 2017: Karmen Franinović voted as influential researcher

Electric Animal Plant: Installation at the Design Biennale Zurich 2017

© Hochparterre, 2017

Karmen Franinović: Interview in Hochparterre

Becoming Neighbours: Press report about diploma project

Design promoviert | Kolloquium 01.07.2017

International Sound Awards 2017: Daniel Hug is a jury member

Joëlle Bitton: Harvard Graduation

on May 25th 2017 - Congratulations!

Degree Show 2017 Design

For Interaction by Interaction with Fjord

It´s all just air - Symposium

Lasst die Puppen tanzen

UXCamp Switzerland 2017

Scale up! Scale down! Enhancing everyday experiences through virtual reality

Patent granted: «Detecting and Evaluating Movements of a User»

ZHdK Sommeratelier 2017 mit Interaction Design-Workshop