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Lecture || Lalya Gaye: Somewhere in-between / physical and digital / an alternative || 04.05.18

In this talk, Lalya Gaye will describe her practice as digital media artist working in public spaces, and about her use of physical computing and interdisciplinary design methods to create socially-engaged and -engaging experiences for audiences. Using some of her projects as case studies, she will discuss how such interactive experiences - being at the intersection of the physical and the digital - can be designed to help generate reflection about our societies and to create empathy with the other; inviting audiences at the interstices of where mundane reality and the imaginary meet - where what is can become what was and what could be.

Lalya Gaye is a digital media artist and interaction designer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. She is the founder and director of Attaya Projects, an internationally-active digital media arts platform with a variety of interdisciplinary partners and collaborators. Lalya’s early work was influential in the fields of locative media and mobile music technology. Besides her art and design practice, she curates and organizes public cultural events, such as art hacks, creative technology workshops, exhibitions, conferences and performative events, as well as teaches at graduate level. She has worked among other places at the Viktoria Institute, Chalmers University of Technology, Medialab Prado, Rhode Island School of Design and Culture Lab Newcastle.

Fri 04.05.2018, 11:30
Zurich University of the Arts
Toni Areal, Room, 5.T09, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, Zürich

Photo by Saadia Hussain
Photo by Saadia Hussain