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Activity boosting Interaction in Neurologic Gait Training

The overall goal of the Activity boosting Interaction in Neurologic Gait Training (A-Int) is to develop a robotic gait trainer for walking rehabilitation which can be applied in clinical context. The project weaved together 4 institutes at 3 colleges, 3 development partners and an ETH spin-off, to revolutionize the interaction between man and machine in neurological gait training. The focus of the IAD group wss the research on interactive sonic feedback in walking rehabilitation completely or partially supported by a robotic system. The IAD team developed sonification tools that aid rehabilitation through a set of experiments based on specific motor tasks guided by auditory feedback. Through a number of sensory-motor experiments the team explored different motion-sound-coupling techniques and the role that auditory feedback plays in guiding patients motion.

Project Lead: Prof. Dr. Karmen Franinovic

Researchers: Andrês Villa Torres, Jan Huggenberg, Samuel Bauer and Dinis Meier

Partners: Habtronics, NTB (Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik Buchs), awtec AG, Zühlke Engineering AG and ISS (Integrated Scientific Services AG)

Funding: The Commission for Technology and Innovation (KTI), Switzerland