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Understanding and creating novel embodied experiences of interaction is at the center of our research. We work with multisensory feedback and immersion to challenge and push forward the current ideas of interactivity, both in academic and everyday life contexts. Our main research areas are Embodied Interaction, Immersive Experience and Health Interaction. Lecturers and academic staff, as well as BA and MA students develop diverse design research frameworks, often with interdisciplinary cooperation partners. Interaction Design at ZHdK maintains a Physical Computing Lab, the Immersive Experience Lab and the Enactive Environments Lab.

For inquires regarding research, contact: Karmen Franinović, Head of Interaction Design.


NetStepper2 wireless motion controller

Through Momentum

Sonic Playgrounds

Integrated System for Empowerment of Arm Rehabilitation

Basic Interaction Design for Networked Artifacts

STST = Science Toys : Science Tools


Soft Actuators for Shoulder Rehabilitation

Evaluation of Feedback-Systems in automated Gait Training

Spaces of Attention (Räume der Aufmerksamkeit)

Graphomat jr.


Activity boosting Interaction in Neurologic Gait Training

SID Cost

Robjects for Children

Enactive Environments

Responsive Environment for Stroke Rehabilitation



Sonic Interaction Design

Closing the Loop of Sound Evaluation and Design