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Karmen Franinović

Karmen Franinović is head of Interaction Design research and education. Her research focus is on understanding and creating experiences that engage bodily and spatial knowledge in interaction. She leads research projects on sonic interaction, movement rehabilitation and responsive architectures. Karmen's practical and theoretical work challenges established interaction paradigms to foster more critical and playful uses of technology in everyday life. She is the founder of Enactive Environments group and Zero-Th Studio.

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Joëlle Bitton

Joëlle Bitton is Head of the BA program in Interaction Design. She addresses in her art and design work the relationships between humans and technologies, in par-ticular within the topics of connectedness, distance, embodied fabrication and everyday life. Her teaching puts an emphasis on associating theory and practice and on inviting students to question assumptions and stereotypes, and to embrace the ‘excursive’ journey of a design process.

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Max Rheiner

Max Rheiner is head of the Master of Arts in Interaction Design programme. Max lecturers on topics such as Embodied Interaction and Physical Computing. Though this position he developed the Physical Computing Laboratory at the ZHdK. In addition to his academic work, Max is an independent artist. The focus of his artistic practice is in interactive installations and experiments delving into digital perception. These projects are developed both independently and in collaboration with other designers / artists. Max's artworks are presented regularly in internationally diverse museums and festivals.

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Jürgen Späth

Jürgen Späth studied visual design at the University of Design Schwaebisch Gmuend. After studying in Japan and USA, he graduated with a thesis on the topic of "Cryptesthesia in Networked Systems". In 1999 he founded the Design Studio Projekttriangle together with Prof. Danijela Djokic and Martin Grothmaak. Projekttriangle develops new forms of cultural expression and communication in both analogue and digital media. For his work, Jürgen has received several national and international awards and has numerous publications in magazines and books. Jürgen has been invited as guest lecture at numerous international universities and conferences. Since 2002 he has been a lecturer in the field of Interaction Design at the ZHdK.

Stefano Vannotti

Stefano Vannotti specialises in the areas of design methodology, interface design and web development. He teaches in the Bachelor Interaction Design theory, methodology, and interface design as well as Master level research-oriented project development. He is involved in various areas of the ZHdK and is a regular point of contact for institutional development projects. Besides his work at the ZHdK, Stefano teaches at universities in Germany and abroad and advises numerous companies in the development of digital products and services.

Björn Franke

Bjorn Franke is a design practitioner and theorist. He is Lecturer in Design at the Zurich University of the Arts and Senior Lecturer in Design History and Theory at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, having previously studied design at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal College of Art. Franke has been awarded fellowships at the Akademie Schloss Solitude as well as the Artist Residency Schloss Balmoral. His work has featured in exhibitions internationally, most recently at the MUDAC Lausanne in Switzerland, the Triennale di Milano Design Museum in Italy and the Design Museum Holon in Israel. His academic research has been widely published in books and journals and he has participated in and convened lectures, conferences and workshops internationally. Franke’s research interests lie in the relationship between design, technology and philosophy; in particular how the shifting technological landscape alters human behaviour, relationships and self-conceptions.

Nicole Foelsterl

Nicole Foelsterl is a filmmaker and video artist. She teaches and researches in the field of Design Ethnography and Expanded Narration in the Department of Design at ZHdK and at FH Upper Austria. In IAD Nicole is responsible for teaching video in design processes. More info at:

Clemens Winkler

Clemens´ work is focusing on articulation and mediation techniques mostly by creating or re-excavating material-based languages. Besides his own studio practice, he joined the IAD team and the Enactive Environment research group in 2013 and since then he is working as a research associate in IAD and lecturer at ZHdK. He is also tutoring and guest teaching in the Material Futures Department, Central Saint Martins, London. Prior, he has studies at the MIT Media Labs, Boston and graduated in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, London.

Luke Franzke

Luke Franzke is a research associate at ZHdK. Luke completed a BA in Multimedia at Victoria University, Melbourne in 2006 and has several years experience as a UI designer and developer. Through the MA in Interaction Design program at ZHdK he joined the Enactive Environments research group, where he developed new forms of interfaces from transient materials. Luke teaches both product design and programming basic courses, as well as doing research in the area of emerging material technology in Interaction Design.

Verena Ziegler

Verena Ziegler is Research Associate with a teaching and researching position. She is trained as Architect and Textile Designer, currently undertaking her PhD research at the University of Arts Linz and in collaboration with HTWG Constance at the Open Innovation Lab. Verena Zieglers research is subject of collaborative exploration between Architecture, Textile- and Interaction design and critically investigates the cultural and emotional rootedness (Verortung) of new materials and technologies to explore prosthetic relations between the body and the environment for potential new forms of dwelling and belonging. The use of traditional crafting techniques and cultural artisanry in combination with novel material performativity, technological activation and digital fabrication methods seeks to embody and enact sustainable forms of living, to create a sense of place and expressions of personal, experiential, cultural and aesthetic values.

Martin Dušek

Martin Dusek is a teaching assistant in the BA program Interaction Design. After graduating in 2017, he works as a freelance fronted programer, UX- and web designer.

Florian Wille

Florian Wille is an interaction and industrial designer. With a research focus on smart materials and human robot interaction he was working as a research fellow at ZHdK from 2011-2013. After working as a design lead for several years he joined ZHdK as a lecturer in 2017. He is teaching at IAD and the Center for Continuing Education in the fields of design methods, embodied interaction and mobile user interfaces.

Joël Gähwiler

Joël Gähwiler is a research associate at IAD and head of the Physical Computing Lab. He teaches web development, spatial interaction and physical computing. His research focus is on the Internet and Things and is seeking to formulate a design theory for networked artifacts. Next to his work at IAD, he co-founded the company sternenbauer GmbH that builds software and hardware products.

Mona Neubauer

Mona Neubauer is a teaching assistant at the ZHdK's
Interaction design Master program. She holds both a Master degree in Neuroscience (ETH Zurich) and a Bachelor degree in Interaction Design (ZHdK). In addition to her academic work, Mona contributes most of her time to the design studio «Lucid» which she co-founded in June 2015 and focuses on digital and spatial experiences.

Mirjam Steiner

Mirjam Steiner is a literary and art scholar. At IAD she works as a research associate and is responsible for exhibitions, events and PR. Amongst other responsibilities she worked for the Research Focus Transdisciplinarity and for Z+ (transdisciplinary platform) where she produced several Showrooms.

Karin Luginbühl

Administrative Mitarbeiterin, Leitung Sekretariat
Interaction Design

Nach mehreren, langjährigen Stationen im kaufmännisch-industriellen Bereich arbeitete Karin Luginbühl ab 1998 bei Siemens im Bereich Security Products als Customer Service Representative. Seit 2017 ist sie als administrative Mitarbeiterin im Sekretariat der Vertiefung Interaction Design tätig.