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Immersive Experience 2

Reality is Overrated. Our desire to simulate reality, and in turn to escape it—for short periods of time, or forever, like in the Matrix—has a long and problematic history. To lose oneself in someone else’s ‘dream’ can be equally seductive and dangerous, and the relationship between distraction, pleasure, control and technology is currently in full fruition, in this, our late-capitalist life. But to what end? And who benefits? What are the basic ‘nuts and bolts’ for engineering an experience that encompasses a multitude of senses, and what are the possible aims, outside of pure pleasure, that these experiences may be steering us towards? For this one-week intensive workshop, you will be asked to produce ‘experience simulators’, engaging the user in a visual, olfactory, auditory, and sensory extravaganza. Use anything and everything at your disposal, as long as it’s not your computer.

Lecturer(s): Noam Toran